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Welcome to ONE Mag

Our focus is on encouraging readers to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others through oneness. We’re proud that our readers are leaders in building a better world, on a personal and family level, and in their enthusiasm to co-create a cleaner, healthier and more harmonious planet Earth.

We are passionate about sharing the knowledge that enabled us to change our own lives. Discover these transformational techniques and tools within our phenomenal, visionary and leader packed interactive, revolutionary magazine.


ONE mag is the only Oneness and Conscious Evolution magazine you will ever need to stay on top of the latest Secrets of the Universe to stimulate and to inspire the spirit within to develop, play, grow, be happy, and evolve with enthusiasm, while exploring the many facets of your life.

Whether you are an Enlightened Soul, a Seasoned Spiritual Traveler, are ready to start asking questions, or to unveil the finer details of reality and start a new chapter, ONE mag provides articles, videos, audio tracks, tools, processes, strategies, along with other interactive content from the leaders in oneness, self development and conscious evolution to empower you to co-create the world you Know is Possible.

YES, we have VIDEO CONTENT – The amazing thing with the Apple Newsstand & Google Play platform means we can include video, audio and interactive content; making ONE mag the leader in oneness and metamorphosis.

The magazine allows you to watch whole short films and training on your mobile device while also reading the wisdom of the leading experts, visionaries and those paving the way to a new era for humanity.

Quarterly, ONE mag delivers the most up to date, completely unique reading and viewing experience to those seeking to make a difference and to those bolder, out to change the world.

With this extra knowledge and a larger tool box Infinite Possibilities become your “norm”.

What are you waiting for?


Our Vision

Empowering the expansion of awareness, allowing us to consciously transform through the next stage of human evolution, as Universal Humans, creating a new world of youthful, global co-creative leaders.


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