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Terms & Conditions

  1. Booking: All advertising must be confirmed in writing either via email to our editor Serenity:
  2. Cancellation: Any cancellation received after the cancellation deadline (14 days prior to on sale date) will be charged at the full fee OR the publisher reserves the right to repeat any previous advert of the same size from the advertiser. Space cancellation within a contract period, thereby affecting a discounted rate, will result in the advertisement under the contract reverting to the appropriate rate for the number of insertions.
  3. Non-receipt of material: We have an obligation to you and other advertisers to deliver the magazine on time and therefore, material MUST be received by the close of business on the requested deadline. If not, for current advertisers, existing material will be run and for new advertisers a filler advertisement will be run.
  4. Indemnity: The publisher accepts no responsibility for accuracy in typesetting or artwork done by a third-party on behalf of the advertiser. The publisher reserves the right to cancel any material deemed inappropriate.
  5. Terms: Payment of advertising is to be received by ONE mag before work proceeds to mockup (draft). Payment can be made by Credit Card via our preferred method PayPal.

Note: All payments are requested in U.S. Dollars and PayPal automatically converts the dollars of your country to U.S. Dollars.

It is considered that all advertisers have read and agreed to our displayed terms & conditions upon advertising with us.

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