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(NOTE: submissions will be placed as they arrive therefore, early submissions have more chance of appearing in that Issue)


Article Contribution Deadlines--from issue 15 - 18


ONE mag welcomes editorial submissions for articles, and artwork.

We encourage editorial, advertising, event listings, notices, business directories and general classifieds. All articles and editorials should be supplied in the following formats:

  • Word format (.doc or .docx)
  • LibreOffice format (.odt) – (LibreOffice is the open source free word equivalent)
  • .rtf (rich text format)

Email as attachment to the editor Serenity:

Articles size

Articles should be between 450-500 words for small 1 page articles, or 800-1000 words for double page spreads in length. Larger articles are by editors discretion and authority only.  Editorial must be authentically your own work, please note any references made by other writers the ONE mag editorial team reserves the right to edit any material submitted for publication.

Some Suggested Topics to include:

Oneness; Consciousness; Conscious Evolution (where humanity is heading as a whole); The God Code; One Consciousness; Universal Mind; Conscious Living; Secrets of the Universe; Higher Consciousness; Quantum Consciousness; Remembrance (remembering who we truly are); Co-Creation (cocreation);   Spiritual Development; Inspirational Art (downloadable or fixed); Expanding Consciousness/Awareness;Ascension; Deepen Personal Insight & Awareness; Uniting ego (letting go of ego) with your Essential Self/higher self/expanded self; Inspirational & Transformational Stories; Empowerment; Law of Attraction (LOA – from the angle of creating the life of our dreams, moving through “stuff” to get to the fullness of life, consciously evolving etc); Self Acceptance; The Awakening Process; The Shift; The New Earth; The New Era; Gurus & Avatars; Mystics; Ancient Wisdom & New Philosophies; Emotional Intelligence, Changing Values & Attitudes; Natures Bounty; Earth Care; Self Expression & Self Development; Creative Spirit; Inspirational Stories (eg. where against all odds someone succeeded/triumphed etc); Love & Relationships (divorceless relationships: where you never have to divorce any part of yourself to make another happy and still have a phenomenal relationship); Eco-business; Ethics; Healthy Lifestyle; Healing Modalities; Inspiration and or Transformation; Meditation & Wellbeing; Soul Awareness; Soul Agenda; Metaphysics, Science & Quantum Physics (especially where they entwine – as well as the emerging interface between science and spirituality); to stimulate and inspire the spirit within to develop, play, grow, be happy, and evolve while exploring the many facets of their “human suit” experience; tools and processes that encourage any of the above or similar subjects/topics.

Note: We will not accept articles that are promotions for the author’s products, unless it is a paid advertorial  (see advertising rates)

Advert Exchange

We currently exchange either a directory size or an eighth of a page size advert for editorial contributions for ONE mag, depending on the size of your article. Plus we discount 50% off all contributor’s advertisements.

For an advert to accompany your article you are required to supply this advert in one of the following sizes and 300dpi (minimum resolution):

  • 2/3 Page (Side Bar)  –  170 (w) x 620 (h) pixels
  • 1/8 Page (Biz Card)  –  9.5cm (3.7 in) W x 6.5cm (2.5 in) H  –  347 (w) x 22o (h) pixels
  • 1/8 Page (Banner)  –  19cm (7.4 in)W x 3.5cm (1.3 in) H  –  706 (w) x 216 (h) pixels

Article Bio

We ask contributors to place a personal biography at the end of each article or our readers can find you. Please include:

  • A head & shoulder photograph in JPG, PDF, PNG format 300dpi.
  • State authority for any claims made, “best selling book” etc.
  • Images for illustrative purposes must be royalty and copyright free. Images must be either JPG, PNG format 300dpi.
  • Bio should be maximum of 85 words ie: Name and Business credentials, who you are briefly, followed by contact email & website details (your facebook, twitter and website address). This is great promotion & readers will find you.

Sending an Article

To be considered as an occasional or regular contributor to ONE mag, please send your article and bio via Email, to be supplied in the following formats:

  • Word format (.doc or .docx)
  • LibreOffice format (.odt) – (LibreOffice is the open source free word equivalent)
  • .rtf (rich text format)

Email as attachment to the editor Serenity:


Copyright of Submissions/Contributions

  • All content you submit remains your copyright.

  • The statements of copyright to Serenity Raven-Wolf, All and Beyond Pty Ltd and ONE mag on this website and in the magazine are written only to cover Serenity Raven-Wolf, All and Beyond Pty Ltd, ONE mag and you.
  • ONE mag reserves the right to reprint your submitted contributions in future issues, for example, special edition issue, best of issue, most popular articles issue etc.


Copyright (C) 2012. All Rights Reserved ONE mag


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